We constantly  analyze our reality and its surroundings. Observers. We think in everyday things as if they were an unexplored universe, full of oportunities. We rescue from the daily life concepts that characterize each one of our products and spaces; we want them to awake in the user emotions as he discovers about the history of each piece. We want to make a kind of hidden poetry as a background of our designs, differentiating our developments of those that responde merely to ana esthetic desire or a fashion. Always being careful in the care of each phase; and having in mind that the main objetctive of the product is that it must be fabricated, used and lived.

We are Studio Elemento, and this is what we do.



Calma is a coffee table that looks forward to be more than just a piece of furniture. Generate a moment of tranquility, a break in the rutine allowing to enjoy a time of peace.

In that way, we developed a visually simple product, with soft shapes y and no defined edges; emphasizing the smoothness of the volumes. Besides, we added a soft mobile volume, that can be used as a support surface or as a seat , increasing the versatility of the design.



Set of chair and easy chair with simple construction method, made out of steel tubes and surfaces in hardwood. Its backrest represents the plumage of a "Cacique".



Silos finds its inspiration in the shapes and materiality of the grain silos, located in the countrysides around the world. Finctional products, constructively simple, but with an unique monumetality and visual appeal that capturates the attention of the viewer.



Folding screen with shapes that come from the half point arcs of traditional cathedral structures. Its contructive simplicity is the result of being made only out of steel tubes and wood strips.